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Sea angling

1/4 - 30/10

Sea Angling is a unique way to experience the best of Iceland. Pure nature and to experience hands-on our culture by catching your own fish in the Atlantic ocean. 

Sea Angling suits everyone, it is a great family sport but is also popular among the avid freshwater anglers.

Recommended for children 10 yrs+


€ 1490

Whale watching from Reykjavik

Whale watching

1/4 - 30/10

Our private whale watching trips suits for 1-10 passengers at time . The boat fast, steady and safe with comfortable interior, good viewing deck and a safe family environment.


 We are looking forward to have you on board with us and show you and your friends the best we can offer.



€ 1490

Puffin Reykjavik

Puffin watching

15/5 - 15/8

The Puffin Watching tours has been very popular through the years.  There are about 30.000 puffins nesting on the islands off the coast of Reykjavik and it takes only 15-20 min to sail to the puffin island.


The islands we visit are well known for their colorful birdlife.this is a good trip for people who love birdwatching and nature.


€ 1490

Maria boat tour prices


All tours are private for 1 - 10 passengers


3 hours    EUR 1.490 

Extra hour EUR 350 inc BBQ on board 


Inclusive: Private boat w/captain, rods, and raincoats. 

Maria boat tours is owned by local Icelandic anglers and captains. 


All our tours are private

Location: Reykjavík, behind Harpa music hall

Season: April - October

Number of guests: 1 - 10

Freshwater fishing

We love fishing!! 

All kinds of fishing, so after you go out with our boat María, you might like to try our river or lake fishing.  In cooperation with Iceland Outfitters, we offer a great selection of fly fishing and spin fishing trips for Trout, Arctic char or Atlantic salmon

Arctic char fishing in Iceland

Char fishing

1/4 - 24/9

Our most popular day tour for river fishing is to the river Hólaá fishing for char.  There is a lot of char in the river and it is suitable both for novice angler and experience.  Great for families with children. 

1 person EUR 950 

2 pers. EUR 590 per person

3 pers. EUR 450 per person


Inclusive of: Transportation, Reykjavik - river - Reykjavik, fishing tackles, picnic, guide, and licenses.  

Season: April - September

Trout fishing

1/4 - 30/10

There are many options for flyfishing trout and seatrout river fishing within 1 hours drive from Reykjavik.  

1 person EUR 1.190 

2 pers. EUR 780 per person

3 pers. EUR 660 per person


Inclusive of: Transportation, Reykjavik - lake - Reykjavik, fishing tackles, picnic, guide, and licenses.  

Season: April - September

Ice Age Trout

1/7 - 15/9

Ready for the biggest trout of your life?


Great!  We are here to help you catch it.  On the private ION beat on Lake Thingvellir, you have the chance to catch up to 30 LBS trout.  Fly only and catch & release. 



1 person EUR 1.690 

2 pers. EUR 950 per person

3 pers. EUR 690 per person

4 pers. EUR 550 per person


Inclusive of: Transportation, Reykjavik - lake - Reykjavik, fishing tackles, picnic, guide, and 2 licenses on the ION beat.  

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